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During a Community Service Worker Program, students build the knowledge and skills necessary to enter a number of different careers. Whatever path they choose, graduates will be serving the community they work within, combining both their passion for helping people and their knowledge of social service programs.

The moment when you decide where your passion lies as you consider a transformative career as a community service worker (CSW), is when you’ll be able to help those you work with to lead better lives. Below are some of the many career opportunities that you may be qualified for upon graduating from a CSW program.

CSW Can Go on to Become Community Health Workers

Community Service Workers may choose to enter a career in community healthcare. As community health workers, these professionals work to ensure that people of all different socioeconomic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds receive the healthcare they need. Many people lack access to healthcare or insurance or are not able to utilize healthcare systems due to education or language barriers. Community health workers help individuals to overcome any obstacles to receiving care by providing support, delivering information, and assisting with communication. Those in community service programs who are passionate about access to healthcare may find a career as a community health worker to be a great option.

Community Service Workers Often Work in Residential Care Facilities

For those who are interested in helping communities suffering from physical or mental health disabilities, a career as a Residential Care Worker can be a great choice. Residential care workers administer care to clients within residential care facilities. The duties of these professionals may include assessing the condition of residents, providing emotional support, and assisting with daily activities or tasks. These individuals are caring, patient, and able to handle difficult or uncooperative clients with a calm attitude.

Community service worker may enter a career in residential care facilities

Community service worker may enter a career in residential care facilities

Community Service Workers Can Enter a Career in Youth Protection Services

If community service workers are interested in a career focused on providing support to youth, they’ll benefit from exploring opportunities in youth protection services. As a youth protection worker, CSWs will work to determine the safety of a child in cases of potential neglect or abuse. They may conduct investigations and collect evidence, as well as coordinate care and resources to help children and families in need of help. This can be challenging work, as youth protection workers must make difficult decisions to serve a child’s best interests, such as removing them from harmful situations. However, graduates of community service courses who are passionate about helping young people can excel in this role. 

CSWs May Choose a Career in Educational Services

Community service workers are also able to find career opportunities within the education sector. CSWs can become school counsellors, helping students to develop skills, explore their interests, overcome obstacles, and achieve their goals. They might also evaluate students’ capabilities and behaviour through counselling sessions, and help students to develop a plan for success both within and outside of their educational environment. 

CSW May Choose to Become an Addictions Worker

Those who are interested in helping clients who struggle with addiction may choose to become an addiction social worker after completing community service and addictions worker training. Addiction social workers address the needs and changing situations of clients suffering from addiction, helping them to develop coping mechanisms. These professionals develop a supportive relationship with their clients, helping them to navigate social services and healthcare systems to get the support and resources they need to move forward in their recovery.

Does one of the above descriptions sound like an ideal fit for you?

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