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Building the right skillset can lead to a transformative career path leading to a variety of working opportunities – and earning a Network Administrator Diploma is no exception. Graduates of AOLCC’s Network Administrator Program have the knowledge necessary to excel in a number of different careers, from a Network Administrator to a Network Operator to a Hardware Installation Coordinator. Throughout the network administrator program, students learn how to evaluate communications software, monitor network performance, provide support and develop solutions to faults in networks, maintain different links with network suppliers, and more.

If you’re passionate about technology and are looking to enter a dynamic and in-demand industry, there’s no better option than launching your network administration career. The moment when you complete your training, you’ll be able to access many exciting career options within this field.

Below, explore some of the stand-out network administrator career paths!

Launch a Career as a Network Administrator

Network administrators work to connect different devices together in order to create efficient, high-performance networks. Today, almost every industry is dependent upon computers to communicate, handle, and store information. As a network administrator, your ability to maintain computer networks will be in demand. Typically, network administrators work to identify issues and develop solutions, install computer networks, consult with clients to come up with a network strategy that meets their needs, maintain different software, and provide other forms of support. If you’re attentive to detail and have strong communication skills, this could be a great career choice for you.

Network administrators are responsible for the installation and maintenance of an organization’s network infrastructure

Network administrators are responsible for the installation and maintenance of an organization’s network infrastructure

You’ll Be Qualified to Work as a Hardware Installation Coordinator

The role of a Hardware Installation Coordinator is distinct from a Network Administrator in a few key ways. These professionals work both with customers and suppliers to coordinate the installation of hardware. They negotiate with suppliers to determine what kind of material and equipment is needed for the installation of a network system, ensure that all information surrounding the installation is accurate, and monitor the progression of the installation. Hardware installation coordinators also communicate with subcontractors to schedule different projects and assign tasks, acting as a liaison between customers and the professionals working to install the software and network setup. If you’re a great delegator and have strong interpersonal skills, this may be the career for you after completing network administrator courses.

A Career as a Network Support Technician Could be Right for You

While Network Administrators are responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of entire networks, Network Support Technicians have a more confined role. These professionals are able to work for a variety of different organizations, assisting with carrying out different tasks related to troubleshooting and improving network performance. However, network support technicians are not responsible for strategizing and developing plans for the implementation of a network within an organization. Instead, they provide support with the installation and monitoring of the network’s performance. If you’re just launching your network administrator career and are looking for a position that will provide you with a solid foundation of industry knowledge, consider becoming a Network Support Technician.

Explore your opportunities with a Network Administrator Diploma Program at AOLCC.