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We’ve done several profiles on some of the students that have walked through the halls at the Academy of Learning Career College (AOLCC), but our instructors also have fascinating stories to tell. Tinasha Nemdharry’s journey to AOLCC is a perfect example of that.

Born and raised in Mauritius, Tinasha grew up in several countries due to her parents’ work. She is now an instructor in the Community Services and Addictions Worker diploma program at the Edmonton Downtown campus. After gaining experience in the field, her journey eventually led to an opportunity to teach others about community services work. Here’s her story.

Her Fascination with Human Interaction Was the Moment When She Decided to Pursue Her New Career

Having graduated from a Child and Youth Care program in Canada, Tinasha worked in community services for several years before eventually teaching community service programs at AOLCC. In particular, she’d worked at a non-profit helping youth and adults with disabilities get involved with the community before an opportunity came along at AOLCC.

“Throughout the years, I have accumulated a wide range of knowledge and understanding of how humans interact with each other in different communities,” she says. “I was always intrigued by how the environment plays a role in our development and how certain events in life affect our way of living.”

Tinasha is inspiring others to pursue careers in community services

Tinasha is inspiring others to pursue careers in community services

Transitioning from Working in Community Services to Helping Coach Students for a Career in the Field

After several years of experience working in the field, Tinasha’s journey in community services led to her working at AOLCC. Here she found a community of students and fellow instructors and pursued her career in community services and addictions worker training.

“I soon realized what a rewarding opportunity this is to find a way of giving back to society by preparing future generations of Community Services Workers,” she says. “I now enjoy sharing my experiences with the students and will continue to provide my transferable skills to the future graduates of this program.”

For those wanting to transform their professional life and pursue their passion for community services work, but want education first, Tinasha strongly recommends AOLCC.

Why She Loves Teaching Community Services Work, and How AOLCC Helps Students Succeed

As far as career colleges in Alberta go, AOLCC is a great option for preparing to work in community services. The Community Services and Addictions Worker diploma program that Tinasha teaches runs over the course of 43 weeks (51, if you include the Addictions component of the program), as well as four weeks’ worth of hands-on experience in a practicum. In the program, students learn modules such as criminology, counselling, sociology, mental health, and psychology, and an on-campus facilitator is there to support students along the way.

Not only does the program help improve your skills as a community service worker, but Tinasha says it also “provides you with a microscopic lens of how to deal with sensitive issues such as trauma and anxiety, and how to use those acquired skills to help others overcome these struggles in life.” She adds that the school strives to help students build a future in the field in a safe, friendly environment. It’s a community that welcomes anyone hoping to enhance their skills and pursue a career where they can make a difference.

Looking to start your journey in community service work?