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As more businesses rely on intranet and extranet software to strategize, communicate, market, and sell, the expertise of network administrators is needed more than ever. Network administrators manage the day-to-day operation of computer systems within an organization. To succeed in this role, an array of specialized skills will be required. Running businesses online presents several challenges to companies regarding security and efficiency, which requires network administrators to have excellent network security skills, technical IT skills and of course, excellent troubleshooting skills. If you’ve always loved a good challenge and enjoy finding solutions to problems in the workplace, a network administrator role could be very fulfilling to you. Keep reading to learn how you can flex your troubleshooting skills on the job.

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Analyze the Company’s Needs to Bolster Your Troubleshooting 

In your network administration role, you’ll need to employ excellent analytical skills in order to properly discern the needs of the company you work for. As a company grows, more network users are introduced, virtual clouds become more complex, and the possibility for consumer-specific security threats grows. As a result, the network needs of companies will continue to evolve, and it will be your responsibility to understand these emerging needs and strategize accordingly. Our network administrator training program provides the knowledge and skills you need to effectively evaluate communications hardware and software, monitor network performance, and seek effective alternative solutions as business requirements change. 

Leverage Machine Learning Algorithms as a Network Administrator

While malware has grown more capable and complex, so have the tools that network administrators use to maintain company computer systems. One such tool is machine learning algorithms. Artificial intelligence is capable of analyzing vast amounts of data and providing actionable insights from its findings. After completing our network administrator diploma program, the use of machine learning algorithms will enable you to automate strategic decision-making in the face of common software problems. This way, you can increase your capacity, reduce down-time, perform preemptive maintenance, and contribute to the efficiency of your team. By saving time on regular monitoring and maintenance, you can dedicate more attention to collaborative troubleshooting within your team.

Create Standard Protocols to Empower Your Team 

When you become a network support technician, your success will be strongly influenced by your ability to work effectively with others while you troubleshoot network issues. By developing a solid rapport and constructive working relationship with other team members, you are creating avenues to share your ideas and impress your company. 

Focus on educating colleagues as a network administrator to showcase your skills and support your team

By developing standard protocols and troubleshooting guides for members of your team, you are empowering them to solve minor problems on their own, which they’ll likely appreciate. In your role, you may also lead training sessions to inform colleagues on the inner workings of the company network. Another way you can showcase your skills as a network administrator is to host stakeholder meetings. These present the perfect opportunity to highlight successful implementations of your solutions within your team. 

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