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Imagine being involved in a field that has the potential to change the world. According to many experts in technology, finance, and politics, blockchain could completely revolutionize everything from how we buy products to negotiate contracts and even fight major health issues.

While blockchain technology is still very much in its early stages, the demand for blockchain-related jobs is soaring. Training in blockchain could be the moment when you get involved in a potentially revolutionary industry early on.

Learn Solidity Programming Language to Break into an Emerging Field

If you want a sign that studying introduction to blockchain technology is an investment in your future, you need only take a look at recent job postings. According to LinkedIn, blockchain developer is the number one emerging job, with job listings for blockchain developers have grown 33-fold in 2018 compared to the year before. By comparison, the second-highest-ranking emerging job was machine learning engineer which saw 12-fold growth.

Clearly, blockchain developers are in high demand. Both tech start-ups, as well as Fortune 500 companies, are scrambling to find individuals who have the ability to build blockchains. This demand is driven by the fact that relatively few people have the skills needed. LinkedIn also notes that among the top skills required of blockchain developers are Solidity and Ethereum. In your blockchain courses at AOLCC, you will learn Solidity programming language as well as learn about Ethereum.

At AOLCC you will learn in-demand blockchain skills

At AOLCC you will learn in-demand blockchain skills

Blockchain Is Set to Change the World Beyond Cryptocurrency

You may be wondering why the demand for blockchain developers is so strong, especially after cryptocurrencies—which made blockchain a household word—suffered a significant crash in early 2018. While blockchain and cryptocurrencies are intertwined, they are not the same thing. A cryptocurrency typically operates on a blockchain, but blockchain itself can be used for many other purposes. That’s why, despite the cryptocurrency crash, interest in blockchain continues to grow. In fact, blockchain has the potential to introduce efficiencies in almost every industry and learning about this technology could give your career significant momentum.

Smart contracts, for example, are an example of how blockchain can change a number of industries. A smart contract is a contract based on a blockchain and which requires little to no human interaction. Instead, a smart contract is executed automatically. This has the potential to significantly change industries like insurance and real estate, which currently rely on humans to determine whether or not a contract has been successfully executed. In your smart contracts course, you’ll learn how to develop smart contracts and get involved in this transformative technology. By automating contracts, companies and individuals could potentially save time and money, while reducing disputes.

Other industries have also been early adopters of blockchain technology. For example, in logistics blockchains can be used to better track every step of a supply chain, which can help improve security, safety, and efficiency. In fact, Walmart is already working with IBM to track lettuce and spinach shipments with blockchain in order to identify contaminated products more precisely. Major banks, meanwhile, are experimenting with blockchain in order to speed up financial transactions and combat fraud.

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