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In a rapidly globalizing world, technologies and the ways we use them are changing faster than ever before. Cybersecurity and the proliferation of big data are just some of the many variables that professionals will be grappling with.  Staying up to date with current trends in IT is important for those about to launch into a role as an IT professional. If you have a passion for technology and want a career that you can feel proud of, the moment when you graduate and become an IT professional could be the moment when you enter a fulfilling new chapter of your life. What are some current trends within the world of information technology? Here are just some big changes that could impact how technology is used over the coming years. 

New Developments in Artificial Intelligence 

If you are considering a career in information technology, you might be interested in all kinds of new developments in the tech world. Artificial intelligence, or AI, refers to computer systems that are equipped to mimic aspects of human intelligence such as speech, image recognition or patterns of decision making. 

We’re utilizing AI more and more frequently, from ride-sharing apps to navigation to voice interfaces such as Alexa and Siri. In all of these instances, humans continuously rely on and interact with machines to make our daily lives easier. That innovation is expected to keep going in the coming years, as new developments surface. During your career after information technology college, you might hear more and more about new breakthroughs in AI.

Wearables and the Internet of Things

Professionals with information technology careers may have heard about the internet of things. This refers to all kinds of smart and connected devices, from smart fridges to smart security systems and even wearables. With this trend continuing to pick up steam, the number of devices people use which are connected to the internet, such as smartphones, GPS watches, fitness trackers, and more is increasing. Throughout your career, this development, and the data and security concerns that come with it, could be a hot topic of conversation. 

Cybersecurity is very important

Cybersecurity is very important

Cybersecurity in Information Technology

With changes in technology comes a consistent wave of new threats to the security of devices, networks, and stored data. Professionals working in the field need to remain vigilant against security breaches, as these can have a big impact on a company, and on the company’s reputation. Repeated security breaches can affect a business in many ways, which is why new security measures continue to be investigated. For students in Information technology programs, this subject could be an especially important one after graduation. 

While these are only some of the technological developments affecting the world of IT, they offer a glimpse into an exciting field. If you love working with technology and are excited about pursuing a career in a fascinating field, there’s a lot that you can look forward to after graduation. 

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