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Top web design schools train students in best practices and industry-leading software, preparing them for a number of exciting career opportunities. Among these opportunities, many designers choose to opt for the flexibility of freelance work—leveraging their expertise on their own time and with their chosen clients.

Absent of the stability of company work, a freelance career might seem daunting. Yet, for many designers, the freedom of independent contract work far outweighs the cons. Top freelancers achieve long-term success with a few key strategies, from strategic branding to advanced networking.

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Successful Freelancers Market Themselves and Their Product

In all sectors, freelance success arises from careful consideration of one’s unique services. From lower costs to bundled services, top freelancers can pinpoint exactly how their product differs from —or improves upon—the service of big companies. Web designers are advised to think critically about their value—and the part of the market they wish to occupy. For professionals with web design training, these services may range from website conception to web functionality testing.

Designers can build a ‘personal brand’ around their unique skills and passions, offering clients web services that stand out from the pack. Yet, while a consistent professional profile helps build reputations, web professionals should not be afraid to adapt and take on new challenges. Meeting professional challenges can help expand one’s services and professional network—a key consideration in a competitive economy.

Networking Is Crucial for Freelance Work After Web Design School

Freelance success is impossible without a strong client list. Top freelancers are constantly adding to their professional networks, finding new business even in the unlikeliest places. Students eyeing a freelance career can start building networks while in web design school, inquiring among existing contacts about potential future clients. Among the most reliable clients, local businesses are also a great place to start. Freelancers can use the expertise they gained when earning their web designer diploma to appraise a business’ online presence and approach them with potential solutions and services.

Strong relationships are the essence of a fruitful network. A freelance web designer will often find reliable clients among friends and family members—or their contacts. In dealing with new clients, successful freelancers pay special attention to their needs and objectives—the key to securing long-term business relationships. Recurring work is ideal for independent web designers, allowing them to showcase the range of their services and build solid professional relationships.

Freelancing is a good career path for continued learning in one’s field

Freelancing is a good career path for continued learning in one’s field

Top Web Designers Maximize Their Online Presence

Naturally, a strong online presence is a must for a web designer career. A place to prove one’s own services, personal web platforms also help freelance designers attract new business. Web professionals can increase brand recognition across personal websites with a consistent style, colour pallet, and personal picture. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and personal blogs are especially helpful in disseminating one’s product, with active profiles that highlight unique successes and services.

In addition to popular social platforms, web designers can explore sites intended specifically for freelance work. For services to faraway clients, ‘We Work Remotely’ helps connect web designers with clients around the world. Conversely, ‘LocalSolo’ advertises freelance jobs to skilled professionals at the local level. Web designers can also find opportunities on sites like ‘DesignCrowd’ and ‘PeoplePerHour’—all of which help professionals find a new freelance business.

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