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Are you looking for a rewarding career in the healthcare field? As a medical office assistant, your skills will be vital to ensuring the smooth and safe operation of any medical practice. Medical office assistants perform a number of tasks, both administrative and clinical, to support medical practices in providing care to patients. On the administrative side, medical office administrators may work to schedule appointments, greet incoming patients, handle office correspondence, and perform bookkeeping tasks. What’s more, these professionals often act as the connection between patients and the nurses or doctors they visit, preparing patients for their appointments and keeping nurses and doctors informed of patient medical histories and other important information. 

If you’re wondering whether becoming a medical office assistant is right for you, discover five reasons why you might want to consider this career path. The moment when you discover the benefits of being a medical office assistant (MOA), you’ll be ready to enroll in a training program! 

1. Medical Office Assistant Professionals are in Demand in Canada

Finding employment won’t be difficult after getting your medical office assistant diploma. Canada’s population is currently aging, meaning that the healthcare industry is facing a growing shortage of professionals qualified to provide care for seniors. Feeling the strain of a greater number of patients, medical offices will continue to seek the support of medical office assistants. Thus, moderate job growth for MOAs can be expected to continue into the coming years as demand remains steady.

Qualified medical office assistants are in demand within Canada

Qualified medical office assistants are in demand within Canada

2. You Can Train Quickly

Once you begin your training to become a medical office assistant, you’ll become qualified to launch your career in less than a year. Within a MOA program, such as that offered by AOLCC, you’ll build practical skills in the medical office assistant field. Upon completion of the program, you’ll be ready to transition seamlessly into a medical office assistant career, equipped with the hands-on experience and industry knowledge necessary to succeed.

3. You Can Choose from a Variety of Work Environments

As a MOA, your skills qualify you to work in a number of different medical practices and healthcare settings. This means that when it comes time to find a job, you’ll be able to choose from many different types of work environments. Qualified medical office assistants may choose career opportunities in hospital departments, physicians’ offices and clinics, walk-in care centres, alternative medicine clinics, research facilities, medical supply companies, and community living centres. If you’re looking for a dynamic career path where your skills will be needed in multiple settings, this could be the career path for you.

4. Scheduling Is Often Flexible

Given the many different environments and healthcare settings in which medical office assistants can work, these professionals often benefit from having a flexible schedule. As a medical office assistant, you may find employment opportunities which offer alternative shifts to a traditional 9-5. If you’re looking for a career that will allow you more flexibility when it comes to your free time, consider training to become a medical office assistant.

5. The Medical Office Assistant Work Is Rewarding

As a MOA, you’ll be a vital member of a healthcare team. Your role will be essential in ensuring that patients receive quality care, and that a medical practice can operate smoothly and safely. Thus, the work of a medical office assistant is extremely rewarding, as the work these professionals do directly contributes to the health, safety, and quality of life of the patients they serve.

If this sounds like the career for you, start exploring medical office assistant program at AOLCC today.