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Information technology (IT) is a vast, growing employment field, with companies all over Canada looking to hire specialized professionals such as web designers, help desk support analysts, and security specialists. One group of professionals that are in particularly high demand across a number of industries are PC support specialists.

PC support specialists work to install, service, and maintain computers and software in a number of different environments including offices, large retail outlets, and manufacturing centers. The role requires much more interaction with end-users than many IT jobs, as specialists work with staff on a daily basis to upgrade and troubleshoot their systems. For anyone with a combination of good people skills and an aptitude for technology, PC support is the perfect career.

Want to know more about what a career as a PC support specialist entails? Read on to find out.

Why Choose PC Support as an Information Technology Career?

The biggest advantage of being a PC support specialist is that you can find work in almost any area. Businesses both small and large, as well as government and non-profit organizations, all require trained professionals to maintain IT systems and keep their operation running on a day-to-day basis, meaning there are always plenty of job openings.

An additional benefit of working in PC support is that it offers excellent advancement opportunities. Larger companies often employ IT support teams made up of several people, and experienced staff is often promoted to training and supervisory roles over time, becoming a valuable part of the company’s management team.

PC support specialists are in high demand

PC support specialists are in high demand

Typical Job Duties of a PC Support Specialist

As they are employed in such a wide range of working environments, the duties of a PC support specialist can vary quite a bit. Most will be tasked with installing and configuring software and hardware, as well as maintaining and updating computer systems. Because big companies upgrade their IT setups quite frequently, this can often involve coordinating large-scale projects.

They are also usually expected to answer end-user queries and fix any problems as they arise. Typical issues a PC support specialist might face would include viruses or network connection issues, as well as problems with software configuration and user security. This can often involve interaction with frustrated users, and the role requires patience and good communication skills.

PC Support Specialist training gives students the right tools to succeed

PC Support Specialist training gives students the right tools to succeed

How Information Technology Colleges Prepare You for a Career in PC Support

While the education requirements for PC support specialists will vary depending on the position, information technology certification provides students with all the tools they need to get started in the field. Programs like the PC Support Specialist Diploma at Academy of Learning Career College (AOLCC) cover all the basic facets of computer applications such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, and Excel.

In addition, information technology graduates also earn four valuable CompTIA certifications industry-standard IT qualifications which are highly prized by employers. Students also learn resume writing and career development skills, to help them land a position as soon as they finish their course.

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