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When you think of network administrator careers, the first thing to come to your mind might not be working directly with people. However, rather than just sitting behind a computer all day, network administrators actually spend much of their time communicating. Responsible for designing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and installing networks, network administrators must be able to work with customers to configure networks to meet their needs, requiring a strong level of interpersonal skills. Not only do network administrators need to listen to the interests and requirements of their customers and develop a strategy accordingly, they also must be able to help customers with technology questions and issues, and communicate any changes or updates in the network. 

In order to succeed in network administration careers, you’ll need to develop your customer service skills, helping you to effectively assist customers and problem-solve to optimize their networks. The moment when you complete your training at AOLCC, you’ll be equipped with the communication and customer service skills necessary to excel. Below, discover some customer service tips you can use during your career.

During Your Network Administrator Career, Communicate Clearly and Transparently 

During your network administrator career, one of the most important aspects of providing good customer service will be to communicate clearly to your clients. When helping clients with a network issue, working with them to design a network, or assisting with troubleshooting, you’ll want to avoid confusing customers about the process. This not only means speaking clearly and patiently, it also means avoiding the use of industry jargon. Although you’ll possess strong knowledge of computer hardware, networking software, and operating systems, it’s likely that your customers won’t. In order to maintain customer satisfaction and comprehension, try using simpler terms to explain concepts, or breaking more complex problems down into digestible pieces.

After network administrator training, avoid using industry jargon

Another component of clear and transparent communication is honesty. As a network administrator, make sure you’re being honest with your customers about the issues or concerns you have about a project, as well as your timeline for completing any repairs or installations.

Show Customers You Care About Their Problems

After network administrator training, the interest and care that you demonstrate when helping customers with a network issue goes a long way in providing quality customer service. Computer issues can be frustrating, and as a network administrator, you’ll need to show your customers that you understand their needs and requests, assuring that you’ll do your best to help them. Taking the time to work with customers to find a solution shows them that you’re taking their concerns seriously, which is something everyone appreciates. Listening carefully to their needs, making suggestions, and asking clarifying questions will help you better connect with your customers, and ultimately lead to a more successful career.

Keep Customers Educated

Network administrator careers are a foreign subject to many. After network administrator courses, you’ll possess a unique skill set, helping businesses stay connected while developing technology to enhance their efficiency. Throughout your career, part of providing good customer service will be educating your clients about the changes or updates you’re making to their networks. You’ll want to walk them through the use of new technology, and provide clear instructions in the case of any roadblocks. When you take the time to patiently and clearly educate the clients you provide services for, you’ll develop a better working relationship, keeping them informed about the work you’re doing.