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In today’s digitalized world, users often rely on multiple devices to access and navigate the internet. When doing so, they’ll likely use different browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and more. Different browsers typically render HTML content differently, making it incredibly important for software and web developers to code their websites with cross-browser compatibility in mind.

By focusing on cross-browser compatibility, developers can ensure that the user experience of their website is the same no matter what browser users choose. This way, online businesses can provide the same products and services to their clients, and customers can access their favourite websites across different browsers without encountering unexpected difficulties or differences in compatibility.

The moment when you understand how to develop cross-browser sites, you’ll be prepared for a successful career in software and web development. Below, discover a few tips to help you make sure that a website works smoothly across multiple browsers as you prepare for your software and web developer training! 

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Simplify Your Code and Consider Cross-Browser Compatible Frameworks

Having an eye-catching website is essential in today’s competitive digital space. However, using complex code to accomplish that goal can do more harm than good. It’s important to simplify your code and keep it organized. You can watch out for any extra bits of code that can be restructured to take up less space, as well as any nested elements in your markup. This way, your code becomes more manageable if you ever need to debug or make edits.

 During your software and web developer program, you’ll have the opportunity to learn CSS and Bootstrap, a CSS framework. With this knowledge, you can build beautiful and responsive websites that are also compatible across different browsers.  By relying on a popular framework like Bootstrap, you can save time and reduce the potential of any display or functionality errors when coding cross-browser websites.  

Apply HTML Basics and CSS Rules from Software and Web Developer Training

As you train to become a software and web developer, you’ll be taking a wide range of courses to reach your career goals. At AOLCC Alberta, your software and web developer courses will include HTML and CSS, both of which are considered to be essential building blocks for any website.

Your software and web developer training equips you with computer and technology basics while boosting your growth in other key areas in the field

One of the key things to remember from your training as you build cross-browser websites is to declare the “doctype” of your HTML page. This doctype declaration is the first line of your HTML code. Including this declaration ensures that your browser knows which HTML version to expect and won’t have to make any guesses as it renders the page, reducing the number of potential bugs or inconsistencies.

 Remember that different browsers may have varying default CSS rules, so using a CSS reset stylesheet can come in handy. With this step, you can reset how browsers interpret your CSS code and make sure that different browsers follow your intended vision more consistently. 

Validate and Test Your Code Before Delivery

Validating your code is a good strategy when you’re looking to build cross-browser websites. As with any language, you’ll want to check for grammar errors. For HTML and CSS, validation can help you identify these errors and resolve them before they cause further problems. With the help of handy validators, you can push your code one step closer to becoming error-free and browser-ready.

 Your software and web developer training also includes a course on managing software development projects, which includes a focus on project lifecycle management. Part of this lifecycle includes testing the project before delivery. When it comes to your website, this means conducting cross-browser testing. It’s possible that errors may still occur despite you taking proactive measures to prevent them in the earlier stages of web development. By testing your site, you can assess its quality and functionality, making sure it works across different browsers.

 The moment when you start your career search can be overwhelming, but your training is designed to prepare you every step of the way. At AOLCC Alberta, you can gain hands-on skills through our program along with dedicated support from our community, helping you launch a rewarding career in the field.

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