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 A business management training grad working on a laptop at a desk.

If you’re a career seeker searching for a dynamic leadership role, you might find a business management job gratifying. Our 31-week diploma program is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary for effective leadership in various entry-level management positions, team leader roles, and supervisory jobs. 

Positions in business management offer job security and plenty of opportunities for advancement. As a multi-dimensional and challenging career, there are many common mistakes that business management graduates can make. You can reach your full potential as a leader by understanding and avoiding these mistakes. 

1. Avoid a Lack of Clarity With Strong Communication

In the workplace, misunderstandings increase the likelihood of errors, waste, and conflict. To avoid making the mistake of setting unclear expectations, prioritize clear communication. What does this look like? Ensure your team is in the loop by establishing a centralized system for sharing information and tools. Platforms like Slack are excellent ways to foster clear communication in an office setting. Regarding tasks, provide clear and detailed standard operating procedures or SOPs to set team members up for success. 

2. Be Sure to Acknowledge Team Achievements

After business management training, staying focused on improving your team’s performance can be easy. This is natural for the results-driven professional who tends to succeed in this field; however, failing to acknowledge team achievements can be discouraging. 

If a customer or client expresses that they were delighted with their service, there’s no harm in passing the positive message along. When providing feedback, try using the sandwich technique, where critical feedback is sandwiched between two pieces of affirmative feedback. 

A business management training grad leading a casual meeting.

Remember to focus on the positive after business management training

3. Encourage Necessary Breaks After Business Management Training

For consistently high performance, your team needs breaks. Discouraging and even punishing rest is a common mistake for managers to make. As a result, workers can feel burnt out, underappreciated, and resentful. As a manager, you will likely need to take breaks, as your role can be demanding. By creating a culture where taking personal days and vacations when needed is encouraged, you can boost morale and results. 

4. Avoid Rushing Recruitment to Find the Right Teammates

It can be distressing when your team is slim. Being short-staffed for an extended period can mean extra stress on your team. However, there are better moves than hiring the first candidate. Ensuring you’re adding teammates who fit into the company culture and have the skills and experience your organization needs should be your highest priority. Hiring the wrong candidates consistently can cause high turnover, workplace conflict, and compromised productivity. After business management courses, focus on vetting candidates thoroughly. The right fit is worth waiting for.

A business management training grad shaking hands with a new hire.

Business management training will prepare you to find the right candidates

5. Be Flexible to Accommodate Inevitable Differences

Rigidity is a widespread management mistake to avoid. Though this can present a challenge, determining where flexibility can be granted determines whether adapting to your team’s different work styles will affect results. When the answer is no, being accommodating is the way to go. By being flexible after completing your business management diploma, you demonstrate trust in your team’s ability and, likely, improve productivity as employees can work in a way that comes naturally to them. 

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