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Every day you interact with graphic design. When you go to the grocery store and buy packaged products, shop online, or see movie posters you are encountering the work of graphic designers. Marketers, branding consultants, businesses and individuals rely on these visual communicators to share their work with clients and consumers.

If you are creative, interested in culture and ready to build momentum towards a rewarding career in graphic design, Academy of Learning Career College is ready for you. Since 1987, our institution has been providing community, support and affordable programs for people looking to pursue their dream careers. Find out more about what our Graphic Designer Diploma has to offer!

Program Overview and Intro to Graphic Designer

In less than one year (43 weeks), you can transform your creative passion into a career. Starting with an overview of important graphic designers and developments in the field you will learn about the history of graphic design movements.

This will give you a sense of where you and your graphic designer diploma fit into the picture and prepare you to learn about colour theory, typography and composition. With the Academy of Learning Career College, you will take a hands-on approach and apply these design principles to photo editing, logo design, poster design and more along with print and digital production in industry-standard software programs.

Graphic Designer Training Develops Your Professional Skills

In order to produce creative concepts such as the brand identity for a business, editorial design for a magazine or packaging for products, you will be given experience with relevant tools. While technology has improved over the years, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign have remained staples in the graphic designer’s toolbox.

You will develop individual and collaborative skills to prepare you for your creative career

You will develop individual and collaborative skills to prepare you for your creative career

Graphic designer training will develop your confidence in editing photos in Photoshop, drawing in Illustrator, and creating exciting page layouts in InDesign. These software programs will also be your tools for learning how to design typefaces, create logos, and complete other assignments. Your proficiency will allow you to apply feedback and prepare you for real-world projects.

The Business of Design

The moment when you decide to make an investment in your career, doors will open. With one graphic designer course in Marketing and Sales and others that cover Design Business, Job Search and Resume Writing, our program will support you and your ambitions.

The introduction to marketing concepts and techniques will give you a sense of how your work fits into sales strategies while Design Business will give you a sense of the various ways in which graphic designers are employed. Do you want to work in a design firm or have the flexibility of freelance? These kinds of courses in business essentials will get you ready to work smartly alongside colleagues in many settings, build customer loyalty, and give you a sense of belonging in your field.

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