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While many graphic designers are employed by companies to design logos, websites, social media graphics, and more, many choose to work independently. Independent graphic designers will offer their services as a professional freelancer, working with different businesses and clients on specific projects. If you’re considering training for a graphic design career, you might choose to work independently, whether that’s due to the flexibility that comes with a freelance position, or because of the freedom you’ll enjoy in choosing which projects you contribute to. Whatever the case, it will be important to set yourself up for success during your career by building your own personal brand and business. Building a personal brand is a great way to establish yourself as a graphic designer, as you’ll be able to display to potential clients what you offer and why they should choose to work with you. 

While developing a brand as a graphic designer might sound like an intimidating project, it doesn’t have to be. The moment when you follow a few simple steps in building your brand and business, you’ll be sure to experience a successful career as an independent professional. Below, you’ll discover a helpful guide to building a personal brand and business in the field of graphic design.

Identify Your Goals First When Building a Personal Brand During Your Graphic Design Career

Once you launch your graphic design career, the first step in building a personal brand and business is to identify your goals. Setting goals will help you to determine how you want to present yourself to your audience and decide what you want to set out to accomplish as a graphic designer, enabling you to build the most authentic brand possible. Think about the kind of future you want for yourself as a graphic designer, and try to set some goals that will enable you to work toward this future. Maybe you want to specialize in logo design, or work with businesses in a certain industry. Whatever you decide, setting goals first will enable you to create your brand and business in a way that aligns with your desired career path.

Identifying your personal goals can help you to launch an authentic business and brand

Identifying your personal goals can help you to launch an authentic business and brand

Know Your Target Audience

The next step in building a personal brand and business is to determine what your target audience is. This goes back to the goals you’ve created, as you can think about what kind of audience would allow you to achieve these goals. Think about demographic characteristics: what is the typical job title, age, gender or location of the audience you’re trying to reach? You can use your answers to these questions to craft a persona for your desired client base. Next, think about how you can best reach your client base. What kind of graphic design services would best meet their needs? How can the work that you do inspire them? Answering these questions will help you to give your business a clearer focus, in addition to enabling you to reach the audience you want to work with. 

Develop Your Web and Social Media Platforms

After getting your graphic design diploma, it’s important to build both a website and a social media page which contain information about your business, in addition to promotional content. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook offer many opportunities to showcase your design style, while telling a story about your brand and who you are as a designer. You can link your website to your social media pages, where users can find it when they’re searching for more information about you or your services. On your website, make sure to include your contact information, an “About” section, and your digital portfolio (if you have one). When you follow these steps after completing your graphic design course, you’ll be able to identify and attract clients, and your business will grow as a result. 

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