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Software like Adobe Illustrator is essential in any aspiring graphic designer’s toolkit. With Illustrator, you can create detailed artwork, illustrations, logos, and more that can be scaled to any size. There are lots of different ways to use Illustrator to achieve your desired effect, and with just a few specialized training sessions, you can feel confident when using this software.

The moment when you know how to use Illustrator could be the moment that you turn your passion for graphic design into a successful career. The Illustrator training course can be taken on its own, or as part of a complete graphic design diploma program, depending on what you’re looking for. Read on to find out some of the many tips and tricks that you could learn in an Adobe Illustrator training course.

Recreate Your Favorite Photos with Photo Tracing

Photo tracing is a simple way to create beautiful illustrations using your favourite images. It’s really simple and is a good way for beginners from graphic design college to quickly get familiar with the software while creating beautiful pictures that can be used on social media and in other projects.

Find a picture that you want to recreate as a digital illustration and open it with Illustrator. Add a new layer, and use the pen tool to trace around different shapes. Trace each new shape on a different layer, as this will allow you to edit them easily. You can also bring layers forward and back.

You can use the eye tool to hide the original photo layer to see how the illustration looks alone. As you keep practicing and build up momentum, you will quickly be able to create precise, professional-looking digital illustrations! As part of the six-lesson Illustrator training, you will learn to master a whole range of techniques including photo tracing with hands-on, practical learning.

Use Illustrator to create digital art using your favourite photos

Use Illustrator to create digital art using your favourite photos

Choose the Right Color Palette with Graphic Design Training

If you are an aspiring graphic designer, you probably have an eye for colour. With Adobe Illustrator, artists can select the right colour palette and stick to it. The options include skin tones, earth tones, metallics, pastels, and more. With graphic design training, you might have the opportunity to learn how to use different colours to create different effects. Different colours have different associations in the mind and can be used to create powerful marketing campaigns and designs.

As well as this, you can use the eyedropper tool to select a colour from an image. This means that you can create aesthetically pleasing images with a cohesive colour theme.

Draw Inside or Outside Shapes

Another simple trick that you might not know is how to draw inside or outside of shapes. The brush tool allows you to draw freehand, which you can use to create an artistic ‘coloured in’ effect.

To do this, select the object that you would like to draw inside (or outside) of. Then on the draw tool, select ‘draw inside’ or ‘draw outside’. This will give you greater control of your illustration.

Learning these simple tricks at the start of your graphic design career can save you lots of time later on.

Scale Shapes and Images Perfectly

You might notice that when resizing images or shapes, it is difficult to keep them to scale. Holding down on the shift tool while you resize will keep the ratio of height to width the same as you resize. This means that you can keep a perfect shape while designing.

Learning from a skilled instructor is one of the best ways to master software like Adobe Illustrator and start using it to its full potential. At just 40 hours, it is a small investment in terms of time, with big results. It will give you the opportunity to connect with other graphic designers and be inspired by those with years of experience.

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