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Passion for Caring

Mae Mangalao has always had a passion for caring for people. It’s what she’s dedicated her life to.

In 2012, she left the Philippines and lived in Hong Kong to work as a nanny, and when she moved to Canada in 2014, she continued working as a nanny. While it brought her great joy, an opportunity to work in a group home in 2017 opened up an avenue that she’s always wanted to explore.

Mangalao graduated this year from the Academy of Learning Career College with her Health Care Aide diploma, and was the class valedictorian. “Taking care of people is what I do best, and the Academy of Learning gave me a chance to study and learn more about the industry,” said Mangalao.

Studying For Her Future

Mae’s husband lives back in the Philippines, and they recently had their first child. Mangalao decided to go back to school during her maternity leave. It had its challenges, juggling academics, while taking care of her newborn baby, but Mae felt this was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up to better her education and her future.

“As virtually a single mom, it wasn’t easy. It was hard to manage at times, but if you have the courage and you’re able to balance your every day (life), you can make it work,” said Mangalao.

Class Valedictorian

Mangalao worked very hard in her studies to earn the privilege to be class valedictorian. There were many late nights spent studying and working on her projects, with her newborn baby by her side. But for her, it was all worth it.

“There were a lot of long hours and late nights spent studying, but it was worth it. I wanted to make the best plan for my future,” said Mangalao.

Mangalao is currently working with patients who suffer from dementia. She takes great pride in her ability. “I treat them as if they’re my family… my relatives,” said Mangalao. “As a health care aide, you have to give your best to them. I love being a health care aide.”