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Educational assistants work in a variety of settings, including public and private elementary and secondary schools, treatment centres, and other special schools. These professionals are trained in a variety of practices and theories related to childhood learning processes, in addition to instruction techniques. With the knowledge and career training they hold, an educational assistant can work with children of all ages in a classroom setting, providing them with different forms of support. 

If you’re considering a rewarding career in the education field, read on to discover what the daily roles and responsibilities of an educational assistant look like. The moment when you discover what the life of an educational assistant is like, you might just decide it’s the perfect path for you.

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After Career College Training, Here’s How an Educational Assistant Begins Their Day

After completing their training at a certified career college and finding employment in the field, educational assistants will begin a typical day on the job by fulfilling a few key responsibilities. 

After educational assistants first arrive in the classroom, they may spend their morning planning out the day’s activities, as well as coordinating the supplies and resources needed for these activities. This may include preparing worksheets, tests, and other learning materials, as well as bulletin boards and other kinds of classroom displays. When the children arrive for the school day, educational assistants will begin supporting students in the classroom. The forms of support they provide might include duties such as: 

  • Assisting students with special needs in preparing for the school day
  • Supervising students during trips to the library or gymnasium
  • Operating audio-visual equipment during classroom instruction

Once the morning activities are complete, most educational assistants will take a quick lunch break before their tasks resume in the afternoon. This break also allows them to assess how lessons went in the morning, prepare for the afternoon ahead, and communicate any important matters with other staff.

After career college, educational assistants may start their day by gathering the materials for the day’s lessons

The Afternoon for an Educational Assistant

Once their lunch break is finished, an educational assistant’s afternoon might begin with monitoring students during recess. Once their break is over, they’ll likely help the children return to class in an organized manner, ensuring that they’ve settled down before the next lesson begins.

In the afternoon, educational assistants may work with students with special needs in a private setting, helping psychologists, speech-language pathologists, and other special education instructors with their sessions. After training in career college programs, educational assistants are qualified to support children while other licensed professionals carry out personal development therapy, behaviour modification therapy, or another form of the therapeutic program. 

Finishing Up the Workday

Once the school day is finished for the children, there’s still work left for educational assistants to do. They might be in charge of leading extracurricular or after-school activities for children, whether that’s a club or a form of after-school care. Educational assistants may also stick around to clean up the classroom, ensuring that it’s ready for the next day. If there’s no more preparation to do for the day ahead, most educational assistants will head home around 4:00 or 5:00 PM. 

An average day in the life of an educational assistant might look something like this, but remember, there’s no shortage of variety in this role. During your career, you might lead field trips, be tasked with carrying out special projects under the guidance of an instructor, and more. If educating and supporting the development of children is something you are passionate about, consider colleges in Calgary like the Academy of Learning to begin your educational assistant training.

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