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There’s great demand for network administrators across many industries and all over the country. Companies necessitate the setting up, managing, and maintaining of business networks. That strong demand is an indicator of how valuable a network administrator is within any industry. Whether setting up a brand new network or maintaining and upgrading existing networks, these professionals are valued for their expertise and hard work.

The moment when you realize that your current career isn’t matching the lifestyle and job security you desire is the moment when you might want to consider becoming a network administrator by studying at Academy of Learning Career College.

Read on to discover what a day in the life of a local area network administrator is like!

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Hold Down the Fort After Your Network Administrator Training

As a local area network administrator, you’ll be the one who holds down the fort for an organization’s entire computer network. You’ll be responsible for ensuring that the organization’s computer network is running smoothly, and that it is up to date. After completing your network administrator training, you’ll be prepared to monitor communications hardware and software, maintain links with network suppliers, monitor network performance, and provide support for systems. Your qualifications and training will also allow you to address security concerns facing the network and assist with strategic and tactical plans required for setting up an organization’s computer network.

Thinking Outside the Box

After you complete your network administrator program and start working in the field, you’ll realize how engaging it is and how proactive you get to be in planning, designing, and implementing an organization’s computer network. Communicating with your colleagues and involved stakeholders, you will need to figure out the best course of action needed. Thinking outside the box will be beneficial to you in this role as you set up networks to specific business goals and needs. 

Throughout your network administrator career, you’ll be responsible for an organization’s computer network

In this profession you will be able to provide administrative support in a variety of work environments, including professional offices, small businesses, and corporations. And this isn’t all behind the scenes – you’ll also be expected to use your soft skills as you communicate your concerns and think critically to spot any issues you think may arise when setting up or fixing any computer network issues.

Keep Learning Throughout Your Career

Organizations expect you to have the necessary knowledge, skills, and certifications needed to handle any sudden challenges they may face in an ever-changing environment. This means that throughout your network administrator career, you will continue adapting and learning to stay updated with the latest technology and information. The best route to continued success is to approach your career as a lifelong learner. As a result, your days will be engaging and rewarding as you continue to push yourself to reach new heights.

When you complete your hands-on training from AOLCC and work as a local area network administrator, you’ll be transforming your life for the better as you establish and maintain a rewarding career.


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