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Web developers are responsible for the building and maintenance of websites. They manage technical aspects of web pages, like speed, capacity, and general functionality, in addition to the design. Though building a website from scratch is rewarding and fun for those interested in technology, it’s a significant undertaking that requires an understanding of proper project management principles

If you’re considering a career in web development, you may find these three tips helpful when dealing with the very important administrative aspect of the role. Learn about the waterfall methodology, learn how you can understand and meet client expectations for each project, and understand the value of collaboration. 

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Use the Waterfall Methodology for Effective Web Development 

There are many project management methodologies used by web developers, but one of the simplest, most popular ways to organize projects is the waterfall methodology. It involves plotting each task in a very linear fashion with no overlap of tasks; each one must be finished before the next one begins. A web development project will follow this sequence: analysis, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance. This methodology is usually represented visually with a Gantt chart–a diagram made up of a series of horizontal lines that represent work done over a specific period of time. 

As a web developer, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with as many of these methodologies as possible in order to select the optimal strategy for each project.

Strive to Meet Client Expectations Every Time as a Web Developer 

Whether you work independently or as part of a team, your chief concern after web developer training will be to ensure that each project meets client expectations. Your ability to identify and meet client expectations is directly tied to the success of a project. 

Before you and your team begin, it’s essential that you are able to answer the following questions: What kind of client are you working with? What are the main objectives of this client? What are the project deliverables? What are the plans for completing the project? Has a contract been signed? 

As you work on the project, ensure that the lines of communication remain open, hold regular status meetings, and be clear and communicative about any changes that come up. 

As a web developer, meeting client expectations will be your priority

Prioritize Collaboration During Your Projects 

Effective collaboration between team members is a must for a successful web development project. Since a large number of web developers work remotely or in a hybrid work environment, excellent collaboration strategies are more important than ever. 

The use of a project management platform like Slack, Teamwork, Trello, Hive, or Asana helps to keep team members accountable, facilitates communication, and helps track progress. Everyone can stay on the same page and be aware of expectations. In addition to basic web development, design, and maintenance skills, in our career college program, you’ll learn about the principles of customer service, project management, and more. 

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